Presented by:
Monday Night brewing & Edgar Allan

The 5k for people who run for leisure and also like art.

Thank you!

Jogger 2016 was a massive success and we couldn't be more excited about how it came together.

No pain.
no gain.
No, really.
no pain.

First place gets first pint.

The West Midtown course will meander through The Goat Farm Arts Center, Westside Provisions District, Westside Cultural Arts Center and feature pieces from ATL fixture artists along the way, and end at Monday Night Brewing’s taps. The best part? If you do happen to finish first, you get the first beer.

The Goat Farm Arts Center

Westside Provisions District

Monday Night Brewing


In a year when everyone’s running for something, we want to pause to smell the paint.


We’ve partnered with AIR Serenbe to award a Focus Fellowship to one of our artists featured along the race route. Participants get to vote, the winner gets a one month residency inside the creative community at Serenbe plus a cash stipend of $1,500 and public programs and events — all-in-all a contribution of $5K. How’s that for a double entendre?

Store. Coming soon.